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BCW-N Series
LED Sports Light

BCW-N Series – It is a light and compact product to which field-customized design is applied based on a patented wide technology and a high radiation structure technology.

BCW-NR Series
LED Highbay Light

It is an excellent product used in gymnasiums, auditoria and indoor sports facilities as it does not generate any glare based on smooth and natural colored light.

BCW-NC Series
LED Highbay Light

It minimizes risks caused by installation load through reducing the weight of the existing products, increases satisfaction in terms of quality and price and is customized to such indoor facilities as logistics centers and factories.

BCW-AT Series
Auto Lifting

As it manipulates ascent and descent with a wired or wireless remote controller, it helps realize safe maintenance on the ground by resolving risks that entail high place work in the field of installation requiring high ceiling work.


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Sungjin Hitec Co., Ltd., a specialized sports light manufacturer, provides the most satisfying LED sport lights to customers.

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