CEO’s greetings

[CEO's Greeting]


Since 1996 when Sungjin Hitec Co., Ltd., a specialized LED sport light manufacturer, was founded, the company has accumulated advanced know-how in the industrial fields for the past 23 years while launching LED Floodlight based on vast amounts of experiences in 2010. On the strength of numerous installations in education offices and school gymnasiums nationwide, it has been highly recognized in terms of quality making a leap forward as a specialist in indoor and outdoor LED sport lights.

We believe that all our employees’ ceaseless efforts made it possible for us to attain these remarkable achievements.

We will do our utmost to grow into a world-renowned LED sport light producer by providing excellent glare-free products to which an advanced wide light distribution technology (13 technical patents) guaranteeing an appropriate uniformity ratio is applied.

All our employees will make continuous effort to conduct R&D and control quality while endeavoring to develop into a global company and provide the highest quality products and the best services.

Thank you!

CEO Eun-young Kim

About Us

Excellent performance,

reduced costs and even environmental friendliness!

Sungjin Hitec Co., Ltd., a specialized sports light manufacturer, provides the most satisfying LED sport lights to customers.

Sungjin Hitec Co., Ltd., a low-carbon, green growth company, contributes to realizing sustainable and dignified life for mankind by improving life and work environments based on core competence.

As a sport LED light specialist, the company satisfies its customers based on reliable product technology even under the extremely difficult conditions. 

Highly efficient and reliable sport light products manufactured with an advanced wide light distribution technology unique to 

Sungjin Hitec Co., Ltd. enable customers to enjoy more pleasant sports activities and reduce costs based on a high lumen maintenance rate, a drastically reduced error rate and longer lifespan than the existing lights. 

Organization Chart

Brillanz B.I

It is an essential core element that establishes Brillanz brand identity of Sungjin Hitec Co., Ltd. 

and formulates an integrated corporate image, and efforts need to be made not to damage 

the image due to distortion, alteration, misuse or abuse.


It symbolizes the future of Brillanz characterized by expansion and extension by emphasizing the features of light (a visible ray) 

and expresses harmony between the nature and human life by harmoniously using the color of the light (a visible ray).

Logo Type

Logo type is the most fundamental element and a core factor that visualize the integrated image.

Logo type was developed as a unique letter type that is differentiated from those used by other companies.

Main Color


Pantone 2747 C

C=100 M=94 Y=24 K=22

R=0 G=26 B=113


Pantone 425 C

C=65 M=56 Y=53 K=29

R=85 G=87 B=89

At a time of expression of color, there might be some fine differences in color development in terms of printing methods,

ink density and paper texture, but efforts need to be made to keep it optimized.

Brand Architecture


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